Mūsų studentės Gretos sukurtas pasakojimas. I dalis


Once-upon a time there lived one man. His name was Alfred. He was 40 years old. Alfred was a doctor. He lived in England in a small old town. He didn’t have a family and was not very happy. He had a private office and a lot of patients. This man worked a lot and he had free time only in the evening. He sometimes went to the cinema. Every Friday evening he enjoyed a glass of beer in the pub. Every morning he made breakfast himself and had lunch at work. He liked doing sports. He could ride a horse and play tennis.
One day he had a meeting with his colleague in London. The journey to London was very long. Alfred had to buy a ticket, get on a train and go to London. It was a very sunny day in June. Alfred climbed on the train, sat down and wanted to read a book. At that time a beautiful woman came into his compartment. She was so beautiful, that Alfred forgot to say “Good day”. The woman had a very big and heavy bag. She said hello and asked Alfred: “Can you help me? Can you take my bag and put it on the shelf, please?”


My Grandfather

I had two grandfathers and two grandmothers, but I loved my mother’s father Balys most.
My grandfather lived in a small village in Aukstaitija region near a beautiful lake. Every summer I went to live with my grandfather for three months. That was the most beautiful season of the year and I started looking forward to it from the winter.
I was the only my grandfather’s grandchild and he loved me much. He always took me fishing, to rake hay, taught me to ride a horse and different jobs on the farm. It was great fun and I was happy to help him. In the evenings we used to sit under the tree and talk, sing songs or just keep silence. I always felt nice with my grandfather and I missed him so much.
When my grandfather went to work, I sat at home ant waited for him. I started waiting for him from lunch time. He would never come back without a small gift. Those small gifts made me very happy.
At the end of the summer it was very sad to leave my grandparents’ house. But I knew that next summer I would see him again.
It is sad, but in 2004 my grandfather died. Now I can’t sit down with him in the yard under the tree, sing together, speak, or just keep silence…

My childhood

My childhood I spent in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. We lived in a block of flats with 60 flats. There lived young families with a lot of children. They became my friends. We ran in the yard, played hide and seek, went skiing and made snowmen. We could find a lot of different activities in every season of the year and our parents had to call us home for many times in the evenings. We didn’t want to leave the playground.
Later we went to school together with my friends-neighbours. We celebrated our birthdays together. Christmas and Easter were the most important holidays and we weren’t left alone. Never.
Later we went to universities and couldn’t spend as much time together as we wanted. We studied in different universities But we always kept in touch and we are still friends.
Now we are grown ups with our own life experience. We regularly have meetings and always share our memories from the childhood.
During life we became more than friends. We are almost relatives. We have known each other since birth. And if we didn’t have mobile phones, computers, modern toys or fashionable clothes, we still had FRIENDS! And we have stayed friends. Until now. Not everyone can be proud of such friendship. I can and I am very proud of it.
I had a really nice and long childhood. 🙂



Pristatau mūsų studento Liudviko (72-jų metų gerbiamo vilniečio – politikos ir visuomenės veikėjo) rašinius apie save ir įprastą dieną. Liudvikas anglų kalbos pradėjo mokytis šių metų sausio mėnesį. Jo mokėta užsienio kalba – prancūzų. Pradėjęs nuo abėcėlės, Liudvikas padarė didelę pažangą. Jis labai stropus mokinys. Tikiu Liudviko ir visų Jūsų sėkme mokantis anglų kalbos.

About My Life and Interests

I am from Lithuania. I am Lithuanian.
My name‘s Liudvikas. You can call me Liudas.
I‘m a lawyer. I am interested in law and public politics.

I‘m married. My wife‘s name is Sigita. She is a nurse.
She is warm-hearted. My wife is a very good housewife.

Our family lives in a big flat in Birutės street in the city of Vilnius.
I and my wife Sigita have three children.
Our son Liudas is a businessman.
He likes to fly planes, drive cars and travelling.

Our daughter Eglė is a designer. Another daughter Rasa
is an office-worker. Their jobs are very difficult.

I like to read books, eat ice-cream and some cake.
I also like driving my car AUDI, which is very good and expensive.
It is black.

Now I study English. My teacher is Jolanta.
She is very nice and creative.

Good Morning

I sometimes wake up at 4 o’clock (a.m.).
Then I like to dream long hours about my life and my love.
I get up at half past six, but I never get up after seven a.m.
I go to the bathroom and have a shower at quarter to seven.

At 7.30 I usually have a sandwich with cheese for breakfast
and drink one cup of coffee with milk. After that I like
to listen to the news.

At eight o’clock I go to work. I work long hours. I am a lawyer and I work in a team.
My job is difficult and very interesting.
I meet a lot of people and I have a lot of impressions.
I finish my job at half past seven.I come home at about eight p.m.
I live in a very good house in Žvėrynas. Here I meet my three children. My wife isn‘t at home at the moment. She‘s at work. She comes from work in hospital at 8.30 p.m.

We do a lot of different things in our free time. I and my wife Sigita make supper.
After that we watch TV or go for a walk.

At 9.30 I start to learn English because I need it for my job.
We go to bed at half past ten.
Good night…

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