Pasirinkite vieną iš pateiktų teiginių. Tik vienas teiginys yra teisingas. Atsakymus rasite testo apačioje.
Jei padarėte daugiau kaip 4 klaidas, pasikartokite pamokas.

1 Pratęskite sakinį:

English is
a) an international language.
b) international language.
c) international legvidge.
d) an interneshional language.

2 Parinkite reikiamą žodį:

___ car is fast.
a) These
b) It
c) Your
d) You

3 Pratęskite pokalbį:

Can I have a glass of water?
a) Yes, please.
b) Here you are.
c) No, thanks.
d) Please.

4 Pratęskite pokalbį:

Thank you.
a) Bless you.
b) Thanks.
c) Please.
d) You are welcome.

Pasirinkite teisingą teiginį:

a) How is you?
b) How old are you?
c) How old is you?
d) How are you years old?

a) What is you favourite color?
b) What colour is feivrit?
c) What are you favourite colour?
d) What is your favourite colour?

a) Are she you wife?
b) Are she your wife?
c) Is she your wife?
d) Is these your wife?

a) Where is you from?
b) From where are your?
c) From where is you?
d) Where are you from?

a) There are a book on the table.
b) There are three computers on the table.
c) There is two people on the balcony.
d) There is person in the office.

a) How many o‘clocks?
b) How much time are now?
c) What‘s the time?
d) How‘s the time?

a) How many mouses are there in the box?
b) Your children is very kind.
c) There are five rooms in the house.
d) The attick are on the top floor.

a) Those women are from Russia.
b) Those car is expensive.
c) That bags are under the sofa.
d) That girl isn‘t in home.

a) Is you at work?
b) Is your husband at home?
c) Is you child at school?
d) Are they later?

a) Is she thirsty?
b) Are you daughters married?
c) What is you interested in?
d) Is they good at tennis?

a) How tall are you?
b) Today is Saterday.
c) She is very toll and slim.
d) How mach is it?

ATSAKYMAI (spausti čia)

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