Pasitikrinkite anglų kalbos žinias atlikdami šį testą

Turite atsakyti 20 klausimų per 10 minučių.

How old is your daughter?


Why ___ you late?


We are ___ holiday with ___ friends.
We know ___ very well.


Look ___ the mirror.


Raining cats and ___.

Įrašykite trūkstamą žodį.

___ there ___ books on the ___?


Whose car is this? It‘s ___.


Speak ___ me, please.


The unknown singer is gaining ___.


What ___ you ___ at seven p.m. yesterday?


How much time do you need to ___ this task?

Pasirinkite visus tinkamus atsakymus.


Fiona and I ___ neighbours.


We contemplate pros and ___. Then make a decision.

Įrašykite trūkstamą žodį.

What would you do if the flight ____?


___ he speak English ___?


___ his children to the cinema tonight.


Our family should see this play. It‘s _____ recommended by the critics.


I like ___ time alone.


Who is ___ person in your family?


The employees are very angry ___ their executive.


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