1. Įrašykite modalinius veiksmažodžius can/ could/ must/ might:

1. Can/ Could you open the window?
2. It must be him.
3. You must fasten the seatbelt.
4. People mustn‘t smoke in this area.
5. It might rain.
6. We can/ could pay in cash.
7. He must be at home. The light is on.
8. I must go now.
9. Can/ Could I have a glass of water?
10. He could read when he was five.
11. I must say I don‘t think you did the right thing.
12. My daughter can drive a car, although she is only fifteen.

2. Įrašykite būtojo (Past Simple) laiko pagalbinį veiksmažodį klausimuose, kuriuose jis reikalingas:

Did you stay up late?
Did the plane take off on time?
Did you watch a film yesterday?
Did she say “Yes“ when you proposed?
Did the customer buy a new brand watch?
Did you get the job you wanted?
Where did they go after school?
What did you use this for?
Why did she get angry with you?
How much money did you get for your car?
What happened?
Who came in?

3. Įrašykite be būtuoju paprastuoju (Past Simple) laiku klausimuose:

Were you at the doctor‘s yesterday?
Was she alone?
Were they rich?
Were they late?
Was your birthday last week?
Where were you born?
When was she born?
Were there any windows in the room?
How old was your uncle?
What was it all about?

4. Įrašykite teisingą antrojo sąlygos sakinio (Second Conditional) veiksmažodžio formą:

If they worked hard, they would achieve good results.
If she woke up early, she would not be late for work.
If the train arrived in London on time, she could/ would catch the 10 o‘clock flight to Lisbon.
My friends would have a barbecue if the weather were fine.
If she didn‘t pass the exam, she would get upset.
If I earned more money, I could/ would buy a house on the beach.
Would you take me to the sea if I had holiday?
She wouldn‘t eat sweets if she were you.
He would be very excited if he found a rare coin.
If they saw her, they would tell her the truth.

5. Išverskite sakinius į anglų kalbą:

He‘d get upset if she wouldn‘t come.
If I knew how to drive, I‘d buy a car.
If my boyfriend didn‘t smoke, he‘d be healthier.
If Maria got/ bought a camera, she could take pictures.
If the weather were nice, we‘d go to the beach.
If she didn‘t pass a driving test, she couldn‘t drive.
If I were you, I would see a doctor.
If I were you, I‘d answer the question.
He‘d book a hotel if he didn‘t have where to stay.
If I were you, I‘d send her some flowers.
If you weren‘t afraid of big spiders and snakes, we could go to Asia.
If they achieved better results, they‘d be promoted.


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